PERIFIL ADD 24 conc.

Additive for improving the stability of emulsions

Emulsifier for printing pastes

PERIFIL ADD 24 conc. is used to increase the stability of emulsions and for the improvement of running properties of printing pastes.

PERIFIL ADD 24 conc. is applied as emulsifier to improve the stability of yarn lubricants and softeners. The product is highly effective even with low application amounts and can be used for a wide variety of applications. PERIFIL ADD 24 conc. improves the running properties of printing pastes and reduces the risk of drying-in of the pastes into the screens. The addition of other auxiliaries commonly used can be omitted. The product has a stabilizing effect on the pigments and binder dispersions and an excellent emulsifying capacity for all types of white spirit commonly used in textile printing. Thus, the production of pigment printing pastes containing white spirit is highly facilitated.


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