Fluorescent whitening agent for cellulosic fibres

PERIBLANC BU conc. is an optical brightener for cotton and viscose fibres which is preferably applied in padding processes. PERIBLANC BU conc. can also be used in the exhaust process. To obtain a sufficient exhaustion of the optical brightener the addition of salt is necessary. Better suitable for exhaust processes, however, are PERIBLANC BA conc. or PERIBLANC BA liq. The optical brightener is also applicable in white discharge printing pastes and for shading of coloured discharges.

PERIBLANC BU conc. is a fluorescent whitening agent with low affinity having a blue to neutral shade. The product is very well suitable to be used in the in cold pad batch, pad steam or immersion bleach. PERIBLANC BU conc. is applicable in resin finishing if the pH-value of the liquor is not below 5. When using optical brighteners in general it must be noted that already minor traces of heavy metals lead to an impairment of the degree of whiteness. This can be avoided by adding a complexing agent such as PERIQUEST BSD.


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