Wet fastness improving agent for polyamide, blocking agent

Dyeings of polyamide and blends of polyamide with cellulosic fibres on all devices and machines and in all types of making-up.

PERFIXAN NAF conc. is an aftertreating agent to improve the wet fastness when dyeing polyamide with acid dyestuffs. The product has a minor influence only on the shade and the handle of the fabric. Subsequent steaming and setting processes have no negative effect on the fastness level. Depending on the applied dyestuffs the light fastness might be slightly influenced. PERFIXAN NAF conc. can be used as resisting agent for the following fibre blends: Polyamide/cellulose: Resisting of polyamide against substantive dyestuffs Polyamide/wool: Resisting of polyamide against acid dyestuffs Wool/cellulose: Resisting of wool against substantive dyestuffs


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