Retarding agent for the dyeing of acrylic fibres with basic dyes

Dyeing of acrylic in loose fibres, muff, rope or cross bobbin.

PERETARD GAN conc. is a fibre affine retarding agent with migrating properties for the dyeing of polyacrylonitrile fibres with basic dyes. The product is not a permanent retarding agent. PERETARD GAN conc. is replaced during dyeing at higher temperature by the dyes. A complete exhaustion of the bath can be achieved. By addition of sodium sulphate the levelling power of PERETARD GAN conc. can be increased. Shading at boiling temperature affords a certain further addition of PERETARD GAN conc. An overdosage should be avoided. Cationic dyestuffs have the tendency to form deposits on the dyeing machines. By an addition of PERIGEN W 130 these deposits can be avoided.


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