Hydrophilic softener containing aloe vera for cotton knitwear and terry cloths

Softening of cellulosic fibres and blends thereof with synthetic fibres of all kinds, especially knitwear and terry clothes, on winch and jet dyeing machines.

PERISOFT TSJR/AV gives a comfortably soft handle and a good volume to cellulosic fibres and blends thereof with synthetic fibres. It improves the sewability of textiles without impairing the hydrophilicity of the finished goods. The product is low foaming and can be used on all current jet dyeing machines. The product has a very low yellowing tendency and therefore can also be used on bright dyeings and whites. At drying temperatures up to 140 °C no yellowing occurs. PERISOFT TSJR/AV contains high amounts of aloe vera gel. To aloe vera gel a regenerating and skin-caring effect is ascribed to.


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