Universal, highly effective and low foaming crease preventing agent for cellulosic fibres, wool, synthetics and their blends

PERILAN VF is used to prevent creases and breaks during boiling off, bleaching and dyeing of articles from cotton and their blends with synthetics on winch becks and jet dyeing machines. The crease preventing properties are also remarkable at pure wool, pure synthetics and their blends. PERILAN VF is particularly suitable for the wet finishing of Lyocell, especially at the alkaline fibrillation, the enzymatic defibrillation as well as dyeing on rope machines. It reduces and equalizes the mechanical strain of the fabrics and thus counter-balances the local overfibrillation.

PERILAN VF improves the running properties of woven and knitted fabrics in dyeing machines and prevents creases. PERILAN VF provides a smooth fabric surface, thus resulting in a good rope displacement. It is low foaming and has no retarding effects. PERILAN VF is not substantive, easily water soluble and readily to be washed out. Particularly good effects of PERILAN VF can be achieved in combination with PERILAN RFC. With PERILAN VF the surface of the fabric becomes smooth and shows good gliding properties. PERILAN VF increases the viscosity of the bath, this way the friction between fabric and metal parts is diminished. In addition PERILAN RFC reduces the fibre/fibre friction thus increasing the mobility of the fabric.


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