Natural printing thickener

PERIGUM G/KA is suitable for following applications: -direct printing of polyamide, Lycra -direct printing of wool and silk -printing of polyester in the HT procedure -vat dye printing on cotton, viscose and their blends -vat discharge printing -vat two-phase process on cotton For vat dye printing the combination with starch ether (for example PERIGUM S/WS) can promote surface coverage printing and thereby increasing the color value. For the fixation with HT steam or thermosol fixation a fixation accelerator like PERIGEN EC is recommended. PERIGUM G/KA shows in all procedures good color yieldand very elastic printings. The product is best suitable for rotary printing with finest screens.

PERIGUM G/KA is an all-purpose printing thickener for the printing of textiles. After printing PERIGUM G/KA can be easily washed out.


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