Lubricant for polyester and polyamide sewing threads

Hot melt for Single Lub Hot application

PERIXEN MIC/R NEW is a hot melt for the lubrication of polyester and polyamide sewing threads.

PERIXEN MIC/R NEW is an excellent lubricant for sewing threads, which is applied by Single Lub Hot technique. Compared to lubricants on emulsion basis the lubricant has the advantage of being non-aqueous and therefore no drying is necessary after its application. The product provides synthetic sewing threads with the necessary smoothness and heat resistance. Threads treated with PERIXEN MIC/R NEW have a good friction value. The gliding properties are already given at the sticking to slipping transition. These good gliding properties avoid a stick slip effect. The increase of the abrasion resistance of the finished yarns and their perfect sewability even under severe conditions are remarkable. The heat of the needle caused by high speed sewing is transferred to the thread and absorbed by the layer of lubricant. The antistatic properties of the lubricated yarns are improved. The product is indifferent to dyestuffs and fibres, a migration of dyestuff will not be created. The adhesion of PERIXEN MIC/R NEW is very good. No abrasion during the sewing process will occur. Sewing threads which have been finished with PERIXEN MIC/R NEW do not tend to yellowing during storage. The lubricant does not cause any corrosion on application machines.


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