Softener concentrate for garments, soluble in cold water

PERISOFT POD 100 NEW offers a perfect softening effect on cellulosic fibres, in particular on cotton, viscose and lyocell. The product can be applied either by padding or exhaustion method. The preferential field of application of PERISOFT POD 100 NEW, however, is the softening of garments on drum washing machines.

PERISOFT POD 100 NEW gives a very soft, voluminous handle especially on garments made of cellulosic fibres. Furthermore, the product provides with good protection against colour changes caused by noxious gas on indigo dyed garments. Fabrics finished with PERISOFT POD 100 NEW show good antistatic properties. Due to the good solubility PERISOFT POD 100 NEW can be applied in undiluted form directly in the drum washing machine.

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