Washing agent and paraffin emulsifier

The product is used for prewashing of loose fibres, yarns, woven and knitted fabrics from native and synthetic fibres, particularly for removal and emulsifying of paraffin lubricants. #produkt.produktname#> can be applied as an additive in bleaching and dyeing baths and for wetting, washing and dyeing in one bath without prewetting and prewashing.

PERLAVIN PE/G possesses good wetting characteristics and high emulsifying properties especially for paraffins as well as a very high washing efficiency. The product is suitable for all types of fibres and can be used in slightly acidic, neutral or alkaline applications in the whole range of temperatures. PERLAVIN PE/G has particularly good emulsifying capacity for paraffins. Remarkable are the high absorbency and the low residual fat content which can be achieved by using PERLAVIN PE/G. It does not influence enzymes and can, therefore, be used also for desizing processes. PERLAVIN PE/G can be used on metering devices.

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