Formaldehyde and heavy metal free fixing agent to improve the wash and wet fastnesses of natural and regenerated cellulosic fibres

PERFIXAN AMZ conc. is applied for improving the wash and contact fastness of dyeings and printings with reactive dyes and direct dyes on all kinds of natural and regenerated cellulosic fibres.

PERFIXAN AMZ conc. is a fibre affine cationic fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. The product improves the whole range of fastness properties of cellulosic fibres and their blends. PERFIXAN AMZ conc. provides the following key characteristics: -improves the wash fastness of direct dyed fabrics at 40 °C and reactive dyed fabrics at 60 °C -improves the contact fastnesses, for example fastness to perspiration, water, iron contact, etc. -does not impair the handle and therefore, it does not influence the sewability either -does not deteriorate the hydrophilic behaviour and the rewettability -has no or only minimal effect on shade or on light fastness -does not contain formaldehyde and heavy metals

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