Oxidising agent for vat dyeings

Protecting agent for dyes sensitive to reduction

PERISTAL OX is applied for oxidizing of vat dyes and to prevent undesirable reduction of sensitive dyes. For oxidising of vat printings PERLAVIN OSL is recommended as this product allows oxidizing and soaping in one step.

PERISTAL OX is a mild oxidant for dyeings with vat dyes. When using PERISTAL OX the oxidation can also be carried out under strongly alkaline conditions without the risk of over-oxidation of the vat dyes. The oxidation can be done in the diluted dyebath or on a fresh bath. The fastness properties of the dyeings are not impaired by the product. When dyeing with reactive dyes PERISTAL OX protects from shade changes due to reductive influences. In textile printing with dyes sensitive to reduction the product may improve the uniformity and the result of printing.

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