Grease dissolving detergent for the removal of oligomers from polyester fibres and dyeing machines

PERISOL OLG is applied in the dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes and in the reductive clearing of dyed polyester to disperse oligomers. Furthermore, it is used for cleaning of soiled dyeing machines.

PERISOL OLG provides an excellent solubilizing power for all substances being insoluble in water like fats, oils, waxes and pigments. The product removes residues of oligomers in combination with alkali and hydrosulphite. It keeps the removed oligomers in dispersion avoiding filtration on package or fabric. The product has levelling and migrating properties. Therefore, when dyeing polyester with PERISOL OLG the addition of a levelling agent is not necessary. The solvent used in PERISOL OLG is completely biodegradable.

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