Textile-Chemical Solutions Presented on World Science Day

“World Science Day for Peace and Development" is an international day of action initiated by the UNESCO. This year, on World Science Day, we present our textile chemical solutions for the production of machine-washable, felt-free wool with protease enzymes.

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On World Science Day, we present textile chemical solutions that make your everyday life more comfortable.


Textile-Chemical Development for Consumers

World Science Day for Peace and Development is a worldwide day of action. On World Science Day, annually celebrated on 10 November, Textilchemie Dr. Petry presents the advantages of textile-chemical research and development from which all consumers can benefit.

Textile Chemistry is a Civil Research Area

Textile chemistry is a subfield of chemistry. Textile-chemical research is a very important civil research area. On World Science Day, we want to make you aware of the benefits that textile chemistry research has also brought to you. Without textile chemistry, there would be no printed clothes, colored shirts, fashionable jeans, washable wool textiles nor waterproof umbrellas and jackets.

The chemists and textile engineers in the R&D department of Textilchemie Dr. Petry are constantly engaged in developing new, innovative textile auxiliaries for dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles and garments. They are also continually searching for modern, environmentally friendly processes to replace polluting or environmentally harmful methods.

Eco-Friendly Enzymatic Felt-Free Wool Finishing

Thanks to textile-chemical research, you too can benefit from eco-friendly, soft, felt-free woolen scarves and gloves, machine-washable socks and cozy pullovers which won't shrink or felt in the washing machine.

Our enzymatic LANAZYM process is an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional Chlorine Hercosett process. The protease enzymes in our PERIZYM AFW make sure that the scales of the wool fibers cannot interlock anymore. As a result, our modern biotechnological LANAZYM treatment provides textiles with significantly reduced felting tendency. At the same time, finished wool textiles still retain their typical woolen character.

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