Textile Auxiliaries for Dyeing of Organic Cotton According to GOTS

Textilchemie Dr. Petry offers a broad range of textile auxiliaries which are approved for dyeing organic cotton textiles. Our GOTS-compliant products are listed on a positive list. After thorough examination GOTS-accredited certification bodies, such as ECOCERT GREENLIFE, are issuing such lists. The listed auxiliaries are allowed for dyeing GOTS-certified textiles.

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Textilchemie Dr. Petry offers textile auxiliaries for environment-friendly dyeing of organic cotton.

Dyeing of Organic Cotton

Dyeing organic cotton is an important process step in the textile value chain. Usually, the following three dye classes are used:

  • Reactive dyes
  • Direct dyes
  • Vat dyes

Organic cotton can be dyed with these different classes of dyestuffs either in exhaust or continuous processes, such as pad-batch or pad-steam. The choice of the dyeing procedure depends, among other things, on the existing machinery and the used dyes.


GOTS-Compliant Dyes

Information about GOTS-compliant dyes can be found on the official website of the Global Organic Textile Standard. They offer a search function where you can comfortably look for dyes from different dyestuff suppliers.


GOTS-Compliant Dyeing Auxiliaries

Textilchemie Dr. Petry provides GOTS-compliant textile auxiliaries for dyeing organic cotton textiles. Furthermore, we offer sophisticated dyeing recommendations. Through clever process optimization the consumption of water, energy and chemicals can be reduced, and thus, the environmental impact is lowered. More gentle methods not only protect the environment but also all workers in textile mills.


The Global Organic Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) specifies guidelines for the production of textiles which are made of at least 70 % organically cultivated natural fibers. Our product range comprises many GOTS-certified auxiliaries for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing of these organic natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk or wool. As a responsible-minded chemical company we attach great importance to environmentally conscious, sustainable action during the development and production of these textile auxiliaries, and we follow the specifications of the current Global Organic Textile Standard.


Ecological Products for Dyeing

Please find below our dyeing auxiliaries, ecological wetting and deaerating agents, sequestering and dispersing agents, levelling agents, defoamers as well as soaping and fixing agents which are suitable for dyeing, soaping and aftertreatment of organic cotton textiles and organic cotton blends. Further products and information can be found in our current GOTS positive list, issued by the GOTS-accredited certification authority ECOCERT GREENLIFE.


Multifunctional Dyeing Auxiliaries for Eco-Friendly Grey Dyeing


    PERLAVIN NDA is a multifunctional dyeing auxiliary for eco-friendly grey dyeing of cotton. The product provides good wetting, washing, dispersing and sequestering properties. In the grey dyeing process with PERLAVIN NDA the raw cotton is scoured and dyed in one bath. The dyeing can be done without separate precedent bleaching step. This method helps to lower the COD and BOD load of the wastewater. The grey dyeing process is especially suitable for dyeing dark shades on knitted fabrics or yarns.


Wetting and Deaerating Agents


    PERIWER ELR is a low-foaming rapid wetting and deaerating agent. The product is applicable for all kinds of fibers and can be used in acidic, neutral or alkaline media over the whole temperature range.


    PERIWET SL is a versatile foam-reducing deaerator. It is applied as a rapid wetting and deaerating agent with defoaming effect for continuous as well as for discontinuous dyeing processes.


    PERIWET ELB is a low-foaming wetting agent. Due to its high alkali stability, it is particularly appropriate for the application in highly alkaline dyeing liquors, especially for cold-pad-batch dyeing (CPB).


Sequestering and Dispersing Agents

  • PERIGEN LDR conc.

    PERIGEN LDR conc. is an excellent sequestering and dispersing agent. It is applied for pasting and dissolving reactive and vat dyestuffs. It improves the solubility of reactive dyes.


    PERIGEN ASW is a dye dispersant that is used in vat dyeing. It increases the stability of dyeing liquors and prevents precipitation and agglomeration of the vat dyes.


Levelling Agents


    PERISTAL RDB is a special levelling agent for dyeing organic cotton with reactive dyes. The leveller improves the dispersion of the dyes in the liquor and ensures uniform, level and reproducible dyeing results. Especially with turquoise tones, the risk of stains and unlevel dyeing is reduced.


    PERIGEN KPS is an excellent levelling agent for direct or vat dyeing. The product causes good penetration of the fabric with the dyeing liquor and thus promotes complete penetration and level dyeing of the material. The absorption of the dyes is slowed down by PERIGEN KPS and thus enables uniform, level dyeing.




    PERIFOAM NSI NEW is a silicone-free defoamer. It is effective in acidic, neutral and alkaline media and works in both cold as well as hot liquors. Due to its high shear stability PERIFOAM NSI NEW is also suitable for the use on jet dyeing machines.


Soaping Agents


    PERLAVIN SRD is an effective soaping agent for textiles dyed or printed with reactive or vat dyes. The product removes hydrolyzed reactive dyes when soaping after dyeing or printing and prevents the agglomeration of dyestuff molecules. This improves the fastness level of the goods.


    PERLAVIN SRS/N is an excellent soaping agent for reactive dyeings and prints. In case of dark, color-intensive reactive dyeings, in most cases a single soaping treatment is sufficient to remove non-fixed dyes and thereby improve the level of fastness. PERLAVIN SRS/N shows good effectiveness even with high salt contents, so that rinsing baths before the actual soaping process can be saved. Additionally, it is suitable for soaping at 70 - 80 ° C.


Fixing Agents


    PERFIXAN RDL/N is a cationic fixing agent used to improve the wet fastness properties of reactive- and direct-dyed cellulose fibers.


Special Auxiliaries


    PERISTAL OX is a mild oxidizing agent for vat dyeing. The oxidation with PERISTAL OX can be carried out in a diluted dye bath or in a fresh bath without causing over-oxidation of the dyestuffs. As a protective agent it protects sensitive reactive and direct dyes from reductive influences which could cause changes in color.


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