Textilchemie Dr. Petry is Climate-Neutral Company

As a responsible company, we have decided to become climate-neutral and offset our greenhouse gas emissions. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, we have therefore drawn up the carbon footprint of our production sites in Germany, China, Turkey and Switzerland. In 2020, our corporate carbon footprint was 906 metric tons of CO2. We compensated for this amount, including a ten percent safety margin, by investing in a climate protection project in Sri Lanka.

The supported climate protection project is located on the Kuru Ganga River near Kuruwita in Sri Lanka.

Kuru Ganga River near Kuruwita in Sri Lanka.


Climate Protection and Climatic Neutrality

As a modern, future-oriented company, we pay great attention to environmental and climate protection. In order to be able to operate in a climate-neutral manner, we have decided to have our greenhouse gas emissions calculated for all our company sites in cooperation with ClimatePartner, our partner for climate protection. On the one hand, the carbon footprint provides us with a tool to reduce our CO2 emissions, and on the other hand, it allows us to compensate for our emissions through certified carbon offset projects. In doing so, we prefer to achieve our climate neutrality through optimization rather than compensation.

“Our cooperation with ClimatePartner has enabled us to identify the major sources of emissions at our sites. As a result, we are in a position to intervene in these areas in order to further minimize our ecological footprint and reduce our emissions.”

Dr. Friedrich Petry, Managing Director of Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH


Calculated Corporate Carbon Footprint 2020

ClimatePartner is a solution provider in the field of climate protection for enterprises. The company supported us in calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint 2020. By analyzing the balanced result, we were able to identify opportunities to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Corporate Carbon Footprint 2020 includes inter alia all CO2 emissions in our company that were emitted for the generation of heat and electricity by our production sites in 2020. In addition, other emission sources, such as for our employees' commutes, waste disposal, water, home office, and office materials, have been included in the calculation. Adding a ten percent safety margin on the overall result, the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we had to offset is 996.6 t CO2. The largest source of emissions is heat generation, followed in second and third place by emissions from our vehicle fleet and employees' way to work.

An emission of 996.6 tons of carbon dioxide is equivalent to driving about 3.1 million kilometers in a car, over 1 million wash cycles at 60 °C on a household washing machine, the production of nearly 60,000 pairs of running shoes, the annual footprint of 142 average global citizens, or the annual CO2 absorption of nearly 80,000 beech trees.


Compensation of Our CO2 Emissions Through Carbon Offset Projects

We consequently compensate our emissions. For this purpose, we support international certified carbon offset projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio. Our commitment is transparent and traceable. We have decided to invest in a hydropower project in Kuruwita, Sri Lanka, for the year 2020. The hydropower plant on the Kuru Ganga River has a capacity of 6.5 megawatts and supplies clean, emission-free electricity for Sri Lanka's power grid. As it is a run-of-river power plant, the water of the Kuru Ganga is only dammed by a small weir during dry periods. Thus, the environmental impact of the power plant is very low, the fish stocks and the entire ecosystem are not endangered.

For more information on the project, which has been validated by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, please click on this link.

The "Climate-Neutral Company" Label

Via our label "climate neutral company" and our ID number of Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH (16678-2111-1001) you can transparently track our climate neutrality in the ClimatePartner-ID-Tracking: ID Tracking Page.

Please download our certificate "Partner in Climate Action" here.

Good CO2 Emission Factor Due to Green Electricity

The German average CO2 emissions per kilowatt-hour of electricity in 2019 were 401 grams per kilowatt-hour (Source: German Federal Environmental Agency). For the year 2020, the emission factor for Germany was extrapolated to 366 grams per kilowatt hour (Source: German Federal Environmental Agency). In contrast, Textilchemie Dr. Petry's CO2 emission factor for 2020 was only 148 g CO2e/kWh (carbon dioxide equivalents per kilowatt hour). This low value is due to the fact that at Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH we rely on a mainly green power mix with electricity from renewable sources.

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