PERLAVIN PAM: Environmentally Friendly, Highly Effective Washing Agent

PERLAVIN PAM is a highly effective, non-ionogenic washing agent for textile finishing. The product contains no halogenated solvents, is APEO-free, biodegradable and thus particularly environment-friendly. PERLAVIN PAM is low-foaming, shows a very good cleaning and emulsifying capacity and can be applied for single-bath washing and dyeing of greige fabrics.

Picture of a white woven cloth in a washing bath

PERLAVIN PAM: environmentally friendly washing agent for industrial applications in textile finishing, detergent for fat and oil removal as well as for cleaning.

Powerful Washing Agent for Removal of Oils, Fats and Stains

PERLAVIN PAM is an extraordinarily powerful washing agent. It shows very high wetting capacity and strong emulsifying power for fats and oils. It can be applied for removing, dispersing and emulsifying spinning oils and preparations. Even persistent silicone stains can be excellently removed with PERLAVIN PAM. It is a proven detergent for washing, precleaning and pretreating synthetic fibers as well as microfibers but also wool and wool blends. PERLAVIN PAM can be used for desizing of water-soluble sizes. As the washing agent is characterized by good emulsifying and dispersing properties a redeposition of the removed fats, oils, sizes, waxes, paraffins, and silicones onto the textile fibers can be prevented effectively. Moreover, the washing agent is low-foaming.

PERLAVIN PAM Is Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable

PERLAVIN PAM is an eco-friendly and well biodegradable textile auxiliary. It is free from alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) as well as from halogenated, highly volatile solvents like tetrachloroethene (tetrachloroethylene, perchloroethylene, PER) which are used for example for dry cleaning.

Application Areas of PERLAVIN PAM

PERLAVIN PAM is suitable for washing all kinds of fibers. The detergent can be used for pretreatment, dyeing and washing. It is particularly effective for removing silicone lubricants from elastane fibers or their blends. PERLAVIN PAM is a proven auxiliary for one-bath washing and dyeing of microfibers. Due to its good washing power it also enhances the levelness and evenness of dyeings. PERLAVIN PAM can be used for desizing and for washing of wool and wool blends.

Easy Handling and Universal Application

PERLAVIN PAM is characterized by easy handling and universal applicability. It can be dosed with automatic dosing systems and is easily diluted with cold water. It is added to the bath without predilution. Due to its non-ionic character it is compatible with anionic, non-ionic as well as cationic products and can be applied in slightly acid, neutral and alkaline pH range. We recommend the use of 0.5 to 1.0 g/l PERLAVIN PAM.

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