PERIZYM AC eco: Single Bath Desizing and Stone Washing

PERIZYM AC eco is a modern enzyme preparation made of amylases, cellulase enzymes, buffers and additives. It is used for single bath desizing and stone washing of jeans and denim garments. The product helps you to save water, time and energy and to run the garment finishing processes in your mill more ecologically and more environmentally friendly. The special additives serve to reduce backstaining.

Picture of a wet pair of jeans in a washing machine

PERIZYM AC eco is an enzyme preparation for single bath desizing and stone washing of jeans and denim garments.

Enzyme Preparation Made of Amylase, Cellulase, Buffers und Additives

PERIZYM AC eco is a modern, multifunctional textile auxiliary for garment finishing containing amylases, cellulases, buffers and further additives. The enzyme preparation is delivered in powder form. It can be used for single bath desizing and stone washing of ready-made garments made of woven denim or jeans fabrics. The integrated buffering system helps to adjust the correct pH range for the treatment. PERIZYM AC eco contains additives to reduce backstaining, the redeposition of removed fibers and dyestuffs.

Save Water, Energy and Time with PERIZYM AC eco

The single-bath enzymatic process with PERIZYM AC eco helps you to run the finishing processes in your garment laundry more economically, more ecologically and more environmentally friendly. With the one-bath method you can save water, time and energy. You can safe one complete treatment bath plus one hot and several cold rinsing cycles. This reduces the water consumption by up to 30 liters per pair of jeans. The treatment duration and thus the machine utilization can be almost halved. Apart from saving water the single-bath method with PERIZYM AC eco can help you to reduce the energy demand.

Application of PERIZYM AC eco

You can achieve the optimal desizing and stone wash effect with PERIZYM AC eco at a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 and at a temperature of 35 – 50 °C. We recommend the use of 0.5 – 2.0 g/l PERIZYM AC eco. The application quantity is based for example on the weight and type of the processed denim, the amount of size, the applied liquor ratio and the type of machinery. The treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes and depends also on the desired stone wash look.

After the enzymatic treatment we recommend an enzyme stop in order to prevent a damage of the textiles. This can be achieved by treating the goods for a short time at 85 °C or by adding 2 g/l soda ash. After the enzyme stop the garments are rinsed hot and cold. An exhaust finishing process can succeed wet-in-wet, for example with PERISOFT LOF/R. PERISOFT LOF/R is a special silicone-free softener for indigo-dyed denim fabrics. The specialty product helps to minimize ozone fading and environmental yellowing.

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