PERISTAL IGO 75: Eco-Friendly Bleaching Agent for Denim

PERISTAL IGO 75 is a gentle, eco-friendly bleaching agent for indigo-dyed garments. The product is delivered in granulated form and contains special oxidizing agents as well as biopolymers. With PERISTAL IGO 75, which is free of chlorine and heavy metals, you can create a special “Dirty Look” on denim garments. It is particularly suited for the beaching of elastic ready-made garments in exhaust processes on drum washing machines.

Picture of a pair of jeans trouser bleached with PERISTAL IGO 75

PERISTAL IGO 75 is a gentle and environmentally sound bleaching agent for decolorizing indigo-dyed denim jeans and garments.

PERISTAL IGO 75: Ecological Denim Bleaching Agent

PERISTAL IGO 75 is a special, ecological bleaching agent for bleaching indigo-dyed denim and jeans garments in exhaust processes. It is suitable for a mild denim bleaching of delicate, elastic textiles. The elastane part (EL, also called Spandex or Lycra) of the goods is not getting damaged by the oxidizing agent which is very gentle to the fibers. The mild bleaching has neither a damaging effect on cotton nor an impact on the tear resistance of the bleached clothing articles. PERISTAL IGO 75 contains an integrated buffering system for adjusting the optimum pH range as well as catalysts. The product is delivered as granulate and is easy to handle.

Advantages of PERISTAL IGO 75

Compared to other bleaching agents PERISTAL IGO 75 offers many advantages, such as:

  • PERISTAL IGO 75 is an ecologically safe bleaching agent.
  • The product is free of chlorine and heavy metals.
  • The product bleaches gently and is suitable for delicate or elastic articles.
  • It has no damaging effect on fibers and causes no loss of strength.
  • The degree of bleaching can be directly evaluated in the bleaching bath.
  • The product offers simple application and is easy-to-handle.


Dirty Look on Indigo-Dyed Denim

With PERISTAL IGO 75 you can create modern fashionable, washed-out, shabby or dirty looks on indigo- or sulfur-dyed jeans and denim articles. The bleaching effect results in a very special, slightly greyish color shade on indigo denims.

Application Recommendation for PERISTAL IGO 75

We recommend carrying out the denim bleach with PERISTAL IGO 75 on a drum washing machine directly following the enzymatic stone wash. It is not necessary to run a separate enzyme stop. The addition of PERISTAL IGO 75 automatically entails the inactivation of the cellulases. You can perform both process steps in only one bath. In the single bath process PERISTAL IGO 75 is added to the cellulase bath at 50 °C. Then the goods are bleached at 70 to 75 °C. As soon as the desired degree of bleaching is obtained the addition of alkali will stop the process.

Suggested application quantity:

0.5 – 4.0 % PERISTAL IGO 75

The optimum quantity of PERISTAL IGO 75 depends on different factors such as weight and type of the denim to be processed, the degree of desizing of the goods, the liquor ratio, the duration of the treatment and the type of machinery.

Following the bleaching with PERISTAL IGO 75 the garments can be finished in the usual manner for example with a PERISOFT softener.

Please Adhere to Work Safety Regulations

Even though PERISTAL IGO 75 is an environmentally friendly, ecological alternative to potassium permanganate (PP) based or chlorine-containing products or also to glucose bleaching, it contains reactive oxidizing agents. As the product is inert up to temperatures of 40 °C, there is no risk for chemical burns – in difference to operating with chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide – when working at ambient temperatures below 40 °C. The necessary industrial safety measures should be still met in order to protect your employees. It is important that people working with PERISTAL IGO 75 wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as protective goggles, gloves, breathing, eye and face protection as well as protective work wear.

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