PERISOL SCM: Powerful and Strongly Foaming Machine Cleaner

PERISOL SCM is a strongly foaming machine cleaner with superb cleaning strength. The product is used for cleaning finishing machinery in dyehouses or printing plants from deposits or residues of dyes, pigments or oligomers. Due to the heavy foaming properties of PERISOL SCM there is no need to add an additional foaming agent for boiling or cleaning machinery.

Picture of foam produced by PERISOL SCM in the washing machine

PERISOL SCM is a strongly foaming high-performance machine cleaner, used for cleaning, dissolving & removing dye or oligomer deposits from dyeing machines.

Removal of Dyestuff Deposits from Machines

During day-to-day work machines and equipment soil due to deposits or agglomeration of dyestuffs, pigments, oligomers or precipitations. For this reason, printing machines, steamers, dyeing machines, pipe or tube systems, feed tanks, rollers, coating or printing screens, and printing blankets need to be cleaned regularly to avoid soiling or staining following batches. Proper machine cleaning is important when you want to reliably produce consistent high quality.

PERISOL SCM: Biodegradable Machine Cleaning Agent

PERISOL SCM is a biodegradable liquid cleaning agent. The machine cleaner is strongly foaming and has very good cleaning, emulsifying, dispersing and soil suspension capacity. By means of PERISOL SCM dyestuff residues in machines, on machine parts and plant equipment can be effectively removed by boiling or cleaning. Even heavily incrusted oligomer precipitations can be well dissolved. Due to the strong foaming performance the boiling or cleaning liquor can even reach and thus clean machine parts and areas which are difficult to access.

Boiling and Cleaning with PERISOL SCM

Usually – depending on the type of machinery and the degree of soiling – the machine cleaner PERISOL SCM can be used solely. In case of heavy staining or incrusted oligomer precipitations we recommend a reductive cleaning. Therefore, you should further add caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, NaOH) and sodium hydrosulfite (sodium dithionite, Na2S2O4). Depending on how dirty machines or machinery parts are, they need to be cleaned as recommended in the technical data sheet (TDS). After the treatment time the machinery is rinsed thoroughly. The chemical resistance of rubber parts or plastic components to PERISOL SCM should be determined in preliminary tests.

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