PERISOL SCM: Heavily Foaming Machine Cleaning Agent for the Textile Industry

PERISOL SCM is a heavily foaming machine cleaning agent for the removal of residual dyestuffs and deposited pigments or oligomers. The biodegradable machine cleaner is especially suitable for the use in the textile industry, for example in dye houses, color kitchens and printing plants. Due to the strong foam formation of PERISOL SCM the cleaning liquor can even reach areas which are usually difficult to access.

Textile machine which is being cleaned with PERISOL SCM under heavy foam formation.

PERISOL SCM is a heavily foaming, biodegradable machine cleaner for textile machines.

Machine Cleaner for Dyeing, Printing and Textile Industry

PERISOL SCM is a biodegradable machine cleaner for the removal of impurities caused by dyestuffs, pigments and oligomers in the textile industry such as dye houses, printing plants or color kitchens. The powerful cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning textile machines, machine parts as well as batching and feed tanks. Even persistent deposits, such as oligomer or pigment incrustations, can be easily removed by cleaning or boiling the machines with PERISOL SCM. Due to its strong foaming properties the cleaning liquor can even reach areas which are usually difficult to access.

Application of PERISOL SCM for Cleaning Textile Machines

For the cleaning of fully flooded textile machinery we recommend the use of 2 to 5 g/l PERISOL SCM. For the cleaning process the dyeing machines together with the material carrier are fully flooded and closed. The liquor is heated to 60 to 70 °C and circulated for 30 minutes. Finally, the machines are thoroughly rinsed warm and cold.

For boiling strongly soiled machines with incrustations and/or deposits caused by dyes, pigments or oligomers we recommend to use 2 to 5 g/l PERISOL SCM and to add 2 to 8 ml/l caustic soda (NaOH, 50 %) and up to 3 g/l sodium hydrosulphite (Na2S2O4, sodium dithionite). The treatment should take 30 minutes at a temperature of 100 to 130 °C. Under these conditions PERISOL SCM does not foam but is cleaning without foam formation due to its high cleansing, dispersing and emulsifying capacity.

Do You Need Help with Cleaning Your Textile Machinery?

Do you have problems with impurities and incrustations in your dyeing, printing, finishing or coating mill? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or via our online contact form. Our specialists will propose the appropriate machine cleaners for your applications and your machinery. For example, PERISOL MCL, a special machine cleaning agent for finishing mills for the removal of precipitations of softeners, finishing or coating agents.

For further information about our machine cleaning agent, please order our free PERISOL SCM flyer as PDF file by e-mail or our detailed brochure about PERISOL machine cleaners.