PERISOL Machine Cleaners for the Textile Finishing Industry

Soiling in textile machines caused by dyes, pigments, softeners or other contaminants are the most common cause of staining on textiles in the textile finishing industry. Thorough removal of deposits and dirt will help you produce stain-free textiles. Our range of PERISOL machine cleaners offers the right cleaner for all various types of soiling.

Dirt was removed with a machine cleaner which results in a sparkling clean machine.

PERISOL cleaners are used in textile finishing to remove persistent soiling.


Clean Machinery for Spotless Textiles

Well-maintained, clean textile finishing machinery – dyeing, printing, coating or finishing machines – is the basis for the production of stain-free goods and highest quality. Common cause of stains on textiles is soiling of machines and machine parts. Residues of silicone oils, preparations, but also agglomerated dyestuffs and pigments or precipitations are deposited on the machine parts in the production plants. In subsequent batches these deposits may come off or they may be mechanically rubbed off by textiles. This leads to stains and impurities on the textile goods and, as a consequence, to additional work in production.

In most cases, stains, smudges, spots or soiling are only noticed during quality control in the fabric inspection at the end of the production process. Re-processing of soiled fabrics or yarns is laborious and it is not always possible to remove dirt stains or deposits completely. This leads to increased scrap rates, so that internal quality targets can no longer be achieved. Well-maintained and clean machinery and equipment are an essential factor of an implemented quality management system. Consistent quality management helps you meet quality-related requirements and thus increase productivity and efficiency in your finishing mill.

Special Cleaning Agents for Different Types of Soiling

Depending on the type and degree of soiling, as well as on the machine or plant to be cleaned, we offer various special cleaning agents that are optimally suited for removing the respective kind of dirt, deposit or contamination.

The following types of soiling and deposits occur in textile finishing on machines, equipment and machine parts:

  • Dyestuffs, optical brighteners and pigments
  • Silicones from softening agents and defoamers
  • Lime and lime soap deposits
  • Polymers and oligomers
  • Softeners, finishing agents and fluorocarbons
  • Coating agents
  • Printing pastes and inks


Wide Range of PERISOL-Machine Cleaners

Our wide range of PERISOL machine cleaners includes universal, generally useable standard products as well as various special products for different applications:

  • Solvent-Based Machine Cleaners

    For the removal of persistent soiling caused by polymers, our ecologically harmless, solvent-based PERISOL machine cleaners can be used. They are characterized by a high dissolving capacity towards contamination from dyes, printing pastes, finishing or coating agents and are mainly used for cleaning dyeing machines, padder rollers and printing stencils. As a precaution, compatibility with machine parts made of metal, plastic or rubber should be checked by appropriate preliminary tests.

  • Strongly Foaming Machine Cleaners

    PERISOL SCM is a strongly foaming special product used to remove soiling from dyeing machines, coating stencils, padder rollers or batch tanks. Due to its strong foaming behavior, the PERISOL SCM machine cleaner carries the cleaning liquor even into areas of the machines that are difficult to access. Due to its good dirt dissolving capacity, even heavily encrusted soiling can be reliably removed with PERISOL SCM.

  • Machine Cleaners for Manual Application

    The special water-free products from the PERISOL range are suitable for manual cleaning of rollers on dyeing and printing machines and for printing blankets. They are mainly applied for thorough cleaning of soiled machine parts.

  • Machine Cleaners for Lime Removal

    For the removal of deposits from lime as well as lime soaps on machines, apparatus, plants and equipment, we offer special PERISOL products which are able to decompose, dissolve and remove the lime-containing soiling.


In addition, we have various additives in our range that are added to the cleaning liquors to further enhance the cleaning effect of PERISOL machine cleaners.

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