PERIQUEST BSD: Very Well Biodegradable Sequestering Agent

PERIQUEST BSD is a very well biodegradable sequestering and dispersing agent. The product is characterized by its excellent sequestering and complexing power for calcium and iron ions. PERIQUEST BSD shows an outstanding dispersing effect and is able to improve the cleaning action and the soil suspending properties of textile finishing liquors. Hence you can work safely and well reproducibly even with short liquor ratios.

PERIQUEST BSD is a sequestering and dispersing agent which has a very good biodegradability and high calcium and iron binding capacity.

PERIQUEST BSD Shows Good Biodegradability

PERIQUEST BSD is a versatile, biodegradable sequestering and dispersing agent. It is free from phosphorus and nitrogen and thus environmentally sound. An input of nitrogen or phosphorous compounds in the wastewater is avoided. The product enables you to work in a water-saving way so you can run short liquor ratios. Furthermore, PERIQUEST BSD can easily wash off cotton accompanying substances in pretreatment as well as dyestuff after dyeing or printing and thus save rinsing steps.

Outstanding Sequestering and Complexing Action

In addition to its environmental advantages PERIQUEST BSD offers excellent sequestering and complexing action. It is also characterized by its outstanding calcium and iron binding capacity. PERIQUEST BSD has a capacity of binding calcium ions of 50 mg Ca2+/g (boiling method) and of binding iron ions of 700 mg Fe(III)/g at pH 10.

Application of PERIQUEST BSD

PERIQUEST BSD can be applied in all textile finishing stages. It can be used as sequestering and complexing agent, as dispersing agent, as wash performance enhancer, as bleach stabilizer for peroxide bleaching, as dispersing agent for dyeing, as well as for washing after dyeing and printing.

Textile Pretreatment:

Due to its good complexing and dispersing action PERIQUEST BSD is frequently used in textile pretreatment. Cotton accompanying substances can be easily washed off by means of PERIQUEST BSD and rinsing steps can be saved. Furthermore, the product serves as bleaching stabilizer. If PERIQUEST BSD is used as stabilizer in peroxide bleaching you can achieve high degrees of whiteness and very good hydrophily of the bleached textiles.


As it offers a good dispersing effect and high alkali stability PERIQUEST BSD is also applied as dispersant for dyeing. Due to its high soil dispersing capacity and detergency improving action it can be used for washing and soaping after dyeing, when high color fastness is required. PERIQUEST BSD is also suitable for dyeing processes which need good sequestering power at high pH values. PERIQUEST BSD does not affect dyeing processes with metal containing dyestuffs.

Reducing Water Hardness:

PERIQUEST BSD serves as sequestering agent in all process stages for reducing the water hardness. The product is compatible with anionic and nonionic products.

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