PERILAN MPE conc.: Multifunctional Product for PES Grey Dyeing

PERILAN MPE conc. is used for grey dyeing of woven polyester fabrics. Dyeing of PES raw material is an economically attractive process because saving on pretreatment can reduce time, water consumption and costs. PERILAN MPE conc. is suitable for single-bath washing, desizing and dyeing of PES goods on HT beam dyeing and on jet machines.

HT dyeing machine in a dyehouse which can be used for dyeing polyester under high temperature conditions.

HT aggregate, suitable for dyeing PES grey fabrics with PERILAN MPE conc.

Pretreatment and Dyeing of Polyester Piece Goods

Thorough pretreatment before dyeing is the basis for a level dyeing result and for producing consistently high quality. With conventional finishing processes any preparations or sizes are removed from the piece goods before dyeing. The piece goods are firstly washed and desized in a seperate pretreatment step. The goods are often dried in between. Then the polyester is dyed with disperse dyes on HT beam dyeing machines, HT jiggers or jets.

Single-Bath Dyeing of PES Grey Goods with PERILAN MPE conc.

When dyeing PES grey fabric in a single-bath process with PERILAN MPE conc. there is no separate pretreatment process needed. Pretreatment and washing processes are combined with dyeing. This process optimization helps you to save time, energy, water and costs. The single-bath process thus offers economic and also environmental advantages.

PERILAN MPE conc.: Multifunctional Product for Dyeing PES Grey Goods

PERILAN MPE conc. is a low foaming, multifunctional auxiliary, which contains all components required for washing, desizing and disperse dyeing. Only the pH value needs to be adjusted and the dyestuff has to be added. PERILAN MPE conc. functions at the same time as:

  • detergent
  • dispersing agent
  • levelling agent
  • crease inhibitor


The One-Bath Dyeing Process

PERILAN MPE conc. is used in prerun processes. Firstly, the fabrics are treated with PERILAN MPE conc. at 60 °C. Subsequently, the pH value of the liquor is adjusted to slightly acidic with our buffering system PERISTAL CSL and the disperse dyes are added. Then the dyeing liquor is heated slowly to 130 °C followed by dyeing for 30 to 60 minutes. Aftertreatment – rinsing and reductive clearing – is carried out according to the conventional process.

Suitable for All Machine Types

The single-bath dyeing process of grey PES fabrics with PERILAN MPE conc. can be carried out on all types of dyeing machines. It is even suitable for HT beam dyeing machines at quite short liquor ratios. The product is low-foaming and improves the gliding properties of the textile fabric. Thus, it leads to optimum fabric displacement and can even be used in rope dyeing processes on jet machines with high mechanical action. With PERILAN MPE conc. you can achieve level dyeings with uniform fabric appearance even with a high machine load.

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