PERIGUARD WRC NEW: Fluorocarbon-Free, Water-Repellent Functionalization

PERIGUARD WRC NEW is a new fluorocarbon-free agent for water-repellent finishing of cellulosic fibers and their blends with synthetics. Functionalized, finished textiles show good hydrophobic properties. The waterproofing impregnation is wash-resistant. After washing a heat treatment helps to restore the water-repellent effects.

Picture of a water drop on cotton fabric

PERIGUARD WRC NEW: fluorocarbon-free finishing agent for water-repellent finishing and impregnation of textiles made of cotton, cellulose or cellulosic blends.

Fluorocarbon-Free Agent for Waterproofing of Cotton Textiles

PERIGUARD WRC NEW is a new fluorocarbon-free textile agent for waterproofing of cotton textiles. Through a finishing with PERIGUARD WRC NEW you can obtain enduring water-repellent effects on textiles made of cellulosics as well as their blends with synthetic fibers. Fluorine-free hydrophobing agents such as PERIGUARD WRC NEW are a contemporary, modern solution for the functionalization of textiles for outdoor articles or sport equipment, which require only water-repellent but no oil-repellent properties. In case an additional easy-care finishing is needed, the hydrophobic treatment can be combined with a resin finishing.

Care Recommendation for Water-Repellently Impregnated Articles

Impregnated articles such as outdoor wear, sports apparel, jackets, trousers, bags or rucksacks made of cotton, linen, cellulosics and cellulosic blends, which were finished with a fluorocarbon-free textile auxiliary like PERIGUARD WRC NEW should be ironed after washing. A heat treatment after washing and laundering helps to recover the repellent effect on impregnated textiles. Also, warm drying in a tumble dryer has a positive impact on the water-repellent effects.

Impregnation with PERIGUARD WRC NEW

PERIGUARD WRC NEW is a textile auxiliary for water-repellent finishing which is based on modified fats. In can be applied on a padder or by a low add-on technique. The product is low-yellowing and it has no negative impact on the good’s handle. With PERIGUARD WRC NEW you achieve excellent waterproofing properties on cellulosics and cellulose blends with synthetic fibers. Good wash resistance can be obtained with our sophisticated fluorine-free water repellent. By the addition of an extender like PERIGUARD EXT NEW, which is applied together with the hydrophobing agent, the wash permanence as well as the hydrophobic effect can be further improved. Mechanical treatments such as calendering are carried out after drying and before curing.

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