PERIFOAM BAO: Natural Defoamer Free of Silicone and Mineral Oils

PERIFOAM BAO is a high-performance defoaming agent which consists of natural, renewable raw materials. The product is based on natural vegetable oils and is free of silicone and mineral oils. The defoamer avoids unwanted foam formation mainly in acid and neutral finishing liquors. Due to its high shear stability PERIFOAM BAO is also recommended for the application in jet dyeing machines.

Picture of a sunflower field - PERIFOAM BAO contains natural oils

PERIFOAM BAO is a sustainable, bio-degradable defoaming agent based on natural raw materials and it is free of mineral and silicone oils.

Effective Defoaming Agents against Foam Generation in Finishing Liquors

Unwanted foam generation in aqueous dyeing or finishing liquors can cause floating of textile goods and affect the levelness of dyeing results as well as the evenness of finishing effects. Defoaming agents avoid the foam formation in textile finishing processes. Trapped air bubbles can lead to unlevel results. The deaerating effect of defoamers help the enclosed air to leave the textiles. As a result, the textile goods are wetted more evenly. This is why, defoaming and deaerating agents such as PERIFOAM BAO can improve process safety as well as the quality and reproducibility in textile finishing.

Sustainable Defoamer Based on Natural Raw Materials

PERIFOAM BAO is a highly effective defoamer which is free of mineral and silicone oils. The sustainable defoaming agent is based on natural, renewable resources and very well biodegradable. The anti-foaming agent is applicable in acid, neutral and slightly alkaline media. It can be used in cold and hot liquors. PERIFOAM BAO is not suitable for strongly alkaline bleaching and dyeing processes. The defoamer is characterized by its high shear stability. Even long-lasting circulation of the liquor has no impact on its defoaming effects. For this reason, PERIFOAM BAO is working well on jet dyeing machines.

Mode of Action and Application

PERIFOAM BAO is used in washing, dyeing, printing and textile finishing processes to prevent foam formation. The product is surface-active and destroys the structure of the foam lamellae at the phase boundary between liquor phase and air. Thereby, already existing foam will collapse. The formation of a monomolecular layer at the surface of the liquor prevents further foaming. Furthermore, PERIFOAM BAO has a deaerating effect and can be used in yarn dyeing and yarn finishing as defoaming and deaerating agent.

PERIFOAM BAO is added after predilution to the aqueous finishing or dyeing liquors. We recommend the use of 0.2 to 0.8 g/l PERIFOAM BAO. The anti-foam agent is compatible with anionic, nonionic and cationic products. It is resistant to acids, weak alkali, electrolytes and water hardness. After a while the effectiveness of PERIFOAM BAO will be decreased by hot strong alkaline media. This is why it is not suitable for strongly alkaline bleaching or dyeing liquors.

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