PERICOAT PR/UV for Textile Prints Visible Under UV Light

With our compound PERICOAT PR/UV you can create textile prints which are only visible under UV light. These particular print effects can be used for fashionable as well as for technical textiles. The printing compound is ready to use. Only the desired viscosity should be adjusted before printing

Picture of a yellow fabric printed with PERICOAT PR/UV showing the skyline of Frankfurt under UV light

PERICOAT PR/UV is a ready to use polymer compound which can be applied for the production of textile prints which are visible under UV light.

PERICOAT PR/UV: Compound for UV Effects in Textile Printing

PERICOAT PR/UV is applied for the production of prints on textiles which become visible under UV light. These UV effects are primarily used for fashionable textiles, for example for party or evening dresses. The prints are nearly invisible by daylight but light up brightly under black light in the disco or at party events. Prints made with PERICOAT PR/UV can also be used for technical applications, such as for brand protection or for printing customs-related information on the left fabric side. The printed details can be made visible using an ultraviolet lamp. Prints created with PERICOAT PR/UV are soft and flexible and show very good resistance to washing.

Use and Application of PERICOAT PR/UV

In order to make sure that the UV effects are as invisible as possible, PERIPRINT PR/UV should be printed ideally on bright pigment prints. On a dark background the UV effect disappears. On a bright background or on white textiles the print can – depending on the fabric – be recognizable as a shadow already by daylight.

PERICOAT PR/UV is supplied ready to use. Only the desired viscosity should be adjusted before printing with a thickener such as PERIPRINT TN. An intermediate drying after pigment printing can lead to a better result but is not mandatory. After printing, the fabric should be dried at 100 °C and crosslinked at 150 to 160 °C.

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