PERICOAT Product Range for Textile Coating

The PERICOAT product range comprises all kinds of textile auxiliaries needed for the coating or lamination of textiles, for example polymer dispersions, coating additives and compounds for various applications. PERICOAT auxiliaries are used for the production of paste as well as for foam coatings.

Picture of different coating effects achieved by using PERICOAT products

The PERICOAT product line comprises polymers, compounds, additives, and auxiliaries for textile coating.



The assortment of PERICOAT polymers includes anionic dispersions based on polyacrylates, polyvinyl acetates, polyvinyl chlorides and polyurethanes or blends made of different polymers. The products can be applied on textiles for different fashionable or technical applications. They are suitable for the production of soft to hard, dry to sticky films. The foam or paste coatings may differ in terms of technical properties such as resistance to hydrolysis, washing and abrasion. Depending on the requirements for the coating, different PERICOAT polymers can also be mixed.

PERICOAT Compounds

PERICOAT compounds are easy to handle, ready to use coating compounds. They provide reliable application and well reproducible results. The compounds usually contain all components needed for coating within one single product. We offer basic compounds for different technical applications, such as anti-slip or blackout coatings, for manufacturing tents and tarpaulins, as well as for the production of sun shading, awnings or roller blinds. We also offer various PERICOAT compounds for the coating of home textiles and apparel fabrics.

For the creation of functional coatings with special properties we offer standard compounds. Upon request we also develop customized, tailor-made coating compounds for particular technical requirements for our customers.

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PERICOAT Coating Additives

The PERICOAT product line comprises coating additives and auxiliaries such as thickeners, crosslinkers, foaming agents, antifoam additives, matting agents and filler materials.

In addition to polymers other crosslinkers – and if necessary, foaming agents and foam stabilizers for foam coatings as well as defoamers for paste coatings – are needed for the production of individual coating pastes.

For matting we offer special matting agents and anti-tack agents as well as filler materials for paste and foam coatings. Furthermore, we offer PERICOLOR color pigments for the production of colored coatings.

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