PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW Improves Rub Fastness Properties

PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW is a fixing agent used to improve wet and dry rub fastness properties of garments. The formaldehyde-free product improves the rub fastness especially of indigo, pigment and sulfur dyed ready-made garments made of cellulosic fibers. PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW is applied for swift improvement of poor color fastnesses with little effort.

Model wearing jeans which were finished with PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW. The garment does not stain the white textile ground.

PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW improves rub fastness of garment-dyed apparel. The auxiliary can either be applied in dip-extraction or exhaustion processes.

Finishing of Ready-Made Garments

Garments made of cellulosic fibers, cotton, linen or even viscose, are either tailored from dyed or printed fabrics. Alternatively, ready-made apparel is garment-dyed on industrial washing machines. The garment dyeing process allows to respond quickly to new color trends and to offer short delivery times. Blue jeans and denim garments are usually made from indigo-dyed fabrics. The special indigo ring dyeing is characterized by relatively poor color fastness properties. On the one hand, this makes it possible to create numerous stylish washings and looks; on the other hand, especially dark styles frequently do not show sufficient rubbing or crocking fastness.

Reworking Garments for Rub Fastness Improvement

Dark sulfur- or pigment-dyed trend colors and special denim styles such as dark denim, rinse washed jeans or super dark jeans tend to have poor rub fastness. The results often do not meet the customers’ requirements. A reworking with PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW helps to improve the rubbing fastness swiftly without major effort.

PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW: Fixing Agent for Improved Crocking Fastness

PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW is a formaldehyde-free fixing agent based on modified polymers. It is used to improve the crocking fastness of indigo-, pigment- and sulfur-dyed garments made of cellulosic fibers. The product has no influence on the goods’ handle or the color shade. It can be applied by exhaustion as well as in a padding or dip-extraction process. The treatment does not require any further rinsing or washing step. Usually, a single application is sufficient to reach the required wet and dry rubbing fastness levels.

PERFIXAN COMPLETE NEW has limited wash resistance. In combination with our special indigo fixing agent PERFIXAN F 5000 very good, wash-permanent effects are achieved.

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