New Brochure: "ECO" Finishing - Ecological Garment and Jeans Finishing

Dr. Petry Textile Auxiliaries offers various natural “ECO” auxiliaries and agents for dyeing and finishing of ready-made garments. With these products you can run more environmentally sound processes in your garment laundry. Our eco auxiliaries comprise for example non-GMO enzymes, which help you to reduce the consumption of energy, water and auxiliaries and process chemicals, as well as natural color pigments for garment dyeing.

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Modern, ecological “ECO” textile auxiliaries for jeans finishing and garment dyeing and finishing as well as non-GMO enzymes, natural pigments, etc.

Consumers and Fashion Brands Count on “Organic”, “Eco” and “Nature”

Many fashion labels, brands and consumers count on ecologically, sustainably produced clothing. Increasingly, bio cotton from sustainable cultivation is processed. Organic guidelines ban the use of genetically modified plants and organisms. Different ecological standards certify sustainably manufactured textiles made of natural fibers. They also predefine which textile auxiliaries and dyes can be applied for textile finishing. Furthermore, the finished products need to be – according to different regulations – free from harmful substances, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Auxiliaries and Enzymes from Natural Resources

We are an environment-conscious and future-oriented manufacturer of sustainable textile auxiliaries. This is why we offer you many enzymes, pigments, and auxiliaries from natural resources for pretreatment, dyeing, and finishing of ready-made garments. By means of our modern auxiliaries traditional finishing processes can become more sustainable. You can save water, energy, textile auxiliaries and process chemicals for example by optimizing procedures or by skipping washing and rinsing steps.

Our sustainable products include:


As further environmentally compatible alternatives to common chemicals you can use our PERIZYM non-GMO enzymes, produced from non-genetically modified organisms, as well as our ecological PERISTAL bleaching agents for jeans bleaching.

PERIZYM Enzymes Meet Ecological Standards

Our PERIZYM product range includes various non-GMO enzymes for textile and garment finishing. They meet various ecological standards. These enzymes are sourced from non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO). We offer the following groups of non-GMO enzymes:

  • cellulase enzymes for biopolishing which are able to split the β-1,4-glycosidic bonds of cellulose molecules
  • amylase enzymes for desizing which can degrade polysaccharides such as starch
  • catalases which are applied after peroxide bleaching. They are able to transform hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water.

The application of such enzymes can help to prevent environmentally harmful and effluent-pollutive processes which are traditionally carried out with pumice stones or high amounts of alkali. In this way finishing processes will become eco-friendlier.


The following PERIZYM enzymes are derived from non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO):

  • PERIZYM N-HTV/L, a highly temperature stable non-GMO amylase for desizing of starch-sized textiles and garments
  • PERIZYM N-CAT d.c., a liquid catalase which is used for deactivation of hydrogen peroxide after peroxide bleaching
  • PERIZYM BJ, a very powerful cellulase combination for stone washing and biopolishing of garments
  • PERIZYM IND, an effective cellulase combination for biopolishing of cellulose fibers and their blends

Garment Dyeing with Natural PERICOLOR ECO Pigments

Our natural, inorganic PERICOLOR ECO pigments can be used the same way in garment dyeing as common synthetic color pigments. PERICOLOR ECO pigments are made mostly of natural minerals which also occur in nature. The natural pigments are characterized by good light fastness and high temperature stability.

PERISTAL Bleaching Agents for Garment Bleaching

For garment bleaching on drum washing machines as well as for spray bleaching we offer many different environmentally friendly PERISTAL bleaching agents. Each product bleaches with a different chemism. They either react oxidatively or reductively on the sulfur or indigo dyes which have been used for dyeing the jeans and denim garments. Our PERISTAL products offer an alternative for polluting and environmentally harmful bleaching substances such as potassium permanganate or chlorine. Our product range comprises, for example:


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