LANAZYM Process: Eco-Friendly Production of Felt-Free Wool with Enzymes

Woolen textiles which are frequently laundered such as socks or underclothes are expected to stand up well to machine washing. In order to avoid felting and shrinking in the washing machine, wool needs a felt-free finishing. The common Chlorine Hercosett process heavily contaminates the wastewater with chlorine compounds and auxiliaries. Our eco-friendly enzymatic LANAZYM process with protease enzymes offers an ecologically clean alternative.

Picture of balls of wool with a felt-free finish

Felt-free finish of wool textiles with protease enzymes called Lanazym process.

Felting, Shrinking, Pilling

Wool will shrink and felt during washing if it is not especially finished against felting. Usually, an anti-felting finish is achieved through the application of the environmentally critical Chlorine Hercosett process. During this process, scales of the wool are removed from the fibers with chlorine. As a result of descaling the fibers can no longer catch on each other. After chlorine treatment it is necessary for woolen textiles to undergo an alkaline anti-chloric treatment with sulfites first and then be coated with synthetic resins. The result is machine washable super-wash-woolen textiles which have lost most of their natural woolen characteristics and tend to yellowing due to the chemical treatment process. Furthermore, the Chlorine Hercosett process massively pollutes the wastewaters with tons of chlorine, AOX (absorbable organically bound halogens) and other environmentally harmful chemical agents.

Biological Anti-Felt Treatment with LANAZYM

The biotechnological wool treatment with protease enzymes is an environmentally sound alternative to the Chlorine Hercosett process. The applied enzymes modify the scales of the wool resulting in fibers with a reduced tendency to felting.

With the Petry LANAZYM treatment we offer an environmentally friendly alternative, which also maintains the natural properties of the wool. Furthermore, through the treatment with PERIZYM AFW, the pilling tendency of the wool scales – a major problem of the super-wash-wool textiles – can be significantly reduced.

PERIZYM AFW: Protease Enzymes for Felt-Free Finishing

Our goals during the development of PERIZYM AFW was the production of wool washable on the “wool washing program” with temperatures up to 40 °, a complete substitution of the environmentally relevant substances as well as a reduction of the water consumption.

Highly specific combination of proteases for the enzymatic treatment of wool


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