Garment Technology Center in Reutlingen

The garment technology center of Textilchemie Dr. Petry GmbH is a small garment laundry where we can carry out tests and trials with small batches under practical conditions. Amongst other machinery, we have various drum washing machines of different sizes where we can run small test batches. Here we can wash and dye garments with commonly applied liquor ratios.

Picture of a jeans on the mannequin

In the Garment Technology Center in the headquarters in Reutlingen we carry out trials under production conditions for product development and for customers.


Our Small-Scale Garment Laundry

Due to the increasing requests for product tests and laboratory trials with ready-made garments, we decided to set up a new garment technical center in our Reutlingen headquarters. In this technology center we have almost all equipment and machines which are also available in a big garment laundry. The only difference: In our garment technology center we can desize, wash, bleach, treat enzymatically, dye or finish even smallest batches from 200 grams upwards, which is equivalent to about one leg panel. The results of our trials can be easily transferred to large-scale production.

In the past, when converting laboratory trials and recipes into industrial production, the outcomes could be differing. Today, for the most cases the results of the trials in our technology center can be easily transferred into bigger scales. This is because the available technology, our machinery and its settings, mechanics, liquor ratios and programming are very realistic.

Water-Saving Processes in Garment Finishing

On our drum washing machines we can run small test batches with a weight between 200 grams and 10 kilograms. Thereby we can work with practical liquor ratios of 6:1 up to 20:1 and reach extremely level results. Ready-made garments made of wool or wool blends can be evenly dyed and finished very gently at higher liquor ratios. With our new laboratory equipment we can also carry out innovative, water-saving processes. The machines are suitable for different dyeing methods (Old Dye etc.) as well as for bleaching (e. g. chlorine-free, but above all permanganate-free) or washing (with or without enzymes).

Our tumble driers we can use for cold dye dyeing processes but also for the surface treatment of garments with silicone balls in combination with special textile auxiliaries. The local dry manual treatment of jeans, such as grinding, sanding, scraping, brushing and scrubbing can be done on our horizontal scraping mannequin. Local application of permanganate- and chlorine-free bleaching agents, formaldehyde-free synthetic resins or modern coatings for glitter and luster effects can be carried out in our garment technology center manually with brushes, or with a spray gun in the garment spraying cabin.

Methods in Garment Finishing

The following methods can be applied in our technology center under realistic practical conditions on ready-made garment pieces of all different clothing sectors, like jeans, denim, women’s apparel, menswear:

  • Desizing
  • Biopolishing
  • Washing
  • Dyeing
  • Bleaching
  • Spray application in the spraying cabin
  • Drying in the tumble drier (with/without silicone balls)
  • Cold-Dye in the clothes drier
  • Drying or steaming in the curing oven
  • Finishing on the horizontal scraping mannequin (manual treatments like brushing, sanding, grinding, scrubbing, scraping)
  • Pressing and Fixing on the ironing press 
  • Laser treatment (we can use the equipment of an outside garment laundry for experimental purposes) 


Please Contact Us

Would you like to run practical garment trials in laboratory or pilot scale? Of course, we offer our customers the opportunity to carry out tests with their own articles in our garment technology center? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Application-Technical Consulting Garment
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