Formaldehyde-Free Cold, Cool or Oil Dyeing for Garments

Textilchemie Dr. Petry offers formaldehyde-free solutions for oil dyeing or oil washing, also called cool or cold dyeing. The terms oil dyed or oil washed refer to the oily look of clothes dyed in that way. Oil dyed garments are characterized by light areas especially along the seams. The phrases cool dyed or cold dyed express that the dyeing process is carried out at ambient temperature.

Picture of a cold dyed pink pair of jeans

Oil Dyeing, also called Cool or Cold Dyeing, is a Garment Dyeing Method. Ready-made clothing can be dyed coldly with pigments and formaldehyde binders.


Cold Dyed, Oil Dyed or Oil Washed

Garments Oil-dyed or oil-washed garments show an oily, dirty, marbled look. The garments are dyed as ready-made goods in a cold process at room temperature without heating. That is why this dyeing method is also called cold dyeing or cool dyeing. In this process garments are dyed at ambient temperature with color pigments together with a corresponding binder. Oil- or cold-dyed garments show a special kind of batik, grubby or vintage look. Cold dyed clothing, trousers, skirts, jackets, shirts, sweaters or pullovers, have a scruffy, washed-out appearance, stains, spots or color gradients and are usually brighter along the seams. Each finished piece has an individual one of a kind look.

What Does Garment Dyeing Mean?

Garment Dyeing means that garments such as pants, skirts, t-shirts, jumpers, dresses, coats or hosiery are dyed after making up. Conventionally they are knitted from pre-dyed yarns or tailored from piece-dyed fabrics. The advantages of garment dyeing are the creation of many very particular color effects, quick response to new fashion trends, rather cost-effective manufacturing and shorter lead times compared to conventional processing. Due to today’s short collection cycles, colors can quickly go out of fashion. With garment dyeing, large stocks of outdated colors can be avoided.

Our Product Recommendation for Cold Dyeing

After pre-washing, the ready-made apparel is dyed. The garments are treated shortly in a garment washing machine at room temperature with a liquor containing PERICOLOR P pigments as well as a formaldehyde-free acrylate binder, such as PERIPRET SKV or PERIPRET HKV. After dyeing the pigment liquor is drained, the goods are centrifuged, and finally tumble dried.

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