Cold Sizing is Cost Efficient

Compared to classical sizing, cold sizing offers economic benefits. As opposed to energy consuming and expensive hot sizing on special sizing machines cold sizes can be applied by minimum-liquor application directly at the warping machine. For cold sizing we are offering special PERFILAN and EKACOL sizes. Depending on the desired adhesive strength and smoothing effect, you can choose the suitable cold sizing agent, individually tailored to your needs, from our product range.

Picture of a cold sized woven scarf

EKACOL and PERFILAN cold sizes improve the abrasion resistance and reduce the clinging tendency and fiber abrasion on the loom.


The Cold Sizing Process

For the warp preparation with a cold sizing agent you do not need a separate sizing department with a size boiler, a conventional sizing machine as well as an associated drying unit. Normally the size application in hot sizing is done at a sizing machine. After completely dipping the warp in the hot sizing liquor, the wet warp needs to get dried. As opposed to this, cold sizes are applied on the warp threads by minimum-liquor application at room temperature – for example at the warping machine, an overwaxing device, an afterwaxing device or a single-end sizing machine. In principle when doing cold sizing the sizing liquor is applied by an applicator roll similar to a lick roll device. The application quantity of the cold sizing products is controlled by their dilution or the speed of the applicator roll in relation to the machine speed. After the application of the cold sizing agent the only slightly damp weaving warp does not need to be dried.

Advantages of Cold Sizing

Compared to the common hot sizing application cold sizing offers definite economic benefits. The operating expenses are significantly lower than in hot sizing. In comparison, also the investment costs for cold sizing are low. Warping and beaming machines can be easily expanded with appropriate application devices.

Cold sizing is especially suitable for warp yarns, which need only to be slightly sized, because the warps would be not weavable or only difficult to process and conventional sizing would be too expensive at the same time. For the various fiber types we are offering different cold sizing agents. We suggest cold sizing especially for linen and linen blends, which would not be optimally weavable without sizing. Also if woolen yarns, which are usually only waxed, have to be woven on a modern high-speed loom, it is recommendable to apply a cold sizing agent. Twisted yarns can be prepared with a cold size in order to bind protruding fibers and to reduce the clinging tendency of the twists.

Our Product Recommendations

Our special PERFILAN and EKACOL cold sizing agents differ in terms of their adhesive strength and their smoothing effect. Our products provide the threads antistatic properties and reduce their clinging tendency. Warps prepared with cold sizes can be woven more easily. As a result, there is less machine down time caused by faulty warps, lower mending costs, and a significantly improved fabric quality.

Please find an overview of our proven cold size formulations below, sorted by their adhesive power and their smoothing properties:

    highest adhesive power, with low smoothing effect 
  • PERFILAN 940/1
    very high adhesion, with slight smoothing effect 
    lowest adhesion, strongest smoothing effect 


Desizing by Simple Washing Off

An appropriate pretreatment of woven fabrics before dyeing, printing and finishing is crucial for the reproducibility and the quality of the finished fabrics. An insufficient pretreatment can have a negative impact on the subsequent processes. Our cold sizing agents can be easily removed from the greige fabric by a simple washing process. Cold sizing products with high adhesive power often contain polyvinyl alcohols which tend to precipitate in alkaline medium. This is the reason why you should control the correct pH value of the washing liquor. Heat setting of synthetic fabrics should be carried out after the washing process.

Do You Have Questions on Cold Sizing?

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