Chitosan as Eco-Friendly Sizing Agent

Chitosan can be applied in different textile applications. Chitosan products are made from renewable raw materials, which reduces the use of our limited fossil resources. With PERIPRET CTS liq. we offer a modern, high-performance sizing agent based on chitosan, which does not need to be removed before wet finishing.

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Latest News for Sustainable Sizing of Warp Yarns with Chitosan on Basis of Renewable Raw Materials

Regenerative Alternative to Petrochemistry

Chitin is – following cellulose – the second most abundant polysaccharide in nature. In many types of fungi it is a component of the cell walls and it is the essential element in the exoskeletons of insects, arachnids, centipedes and crustaceans.

Chitosan is technically derived from chitin by deacetylation with hot caustic soda or by enzymatic degradation with deacetylase. There is a fluent transition between chitin and chitosan. The polymer is called chitosan as soon as the acetyl groups are decomposed by 40 to 50 % and as soon as it can be dissolved in organic acids.

The chitin raw material is a by-product from shrimp fishery. Chitin is the main component of the peeling waste, which usually is disposed or processed into animal feed. Many textile chemicals and auxiliaries are petrol-based. Therefore our chitosan products offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

Different Applications for Chitosan

Chitosan is a versatile product produced from from renewable, sustainable resources, which can be applied in various textile applications:

  • as sizing agent (PERIPRET CTS liq.
  • for the finishing of textile fabrics (PERIPRET CTS
  • for improving color fastness properties
  • for inserting new functional groups 
  • as biodegradable printing paste thickener 
  • as ultrapure fiber material in the medical sector 
  • as thread for surgical sutures 

Chitosan-Size: No Desizing Required

With PERIPRET CTS liq. we offer a modern, high-performance sizing agent based on chitosan-polymers. There is no need to remove the product before wet finishing. On the contrary, PERIPRET CTS liq. significantly improves dye uptake and color fastness.

Threads get mechanically extremely stressed during the weaving process. In order to withstand this challenge, warp yarns get sized before weaving. For the thread protection a sizing agent is applied. After weaving these agents usually need to be removed from the woven fabric by a desizing or washing step.

Chitosan is well suited for the application as a sizing agent and can remain on the woven textile after weaving. As an alternative there are synthetic sizes, which are produced from fossil resources and which need to be washed off in an additional working operation. Frequently starch sizes are applied on the warp yarns. Although they are derived from renewable raw materials, they require an elaborate enzymatic or oxidative desizing process. In addition, starch sizes have a poor performance, compared to chitosan sizes. When using chitosan as a sizing agent only very low quantities are required.

Advantages of PERIPRET CTS liq.

The advantages of our chitosan sizing agent:

  • High-performance size:
    When sizing with PERIPRET CTS liq. very good effects can be achieved with small application quantities. 
  • Biodegradable:
    PERIPRET CTS liq. is, unlike synthetic sizing agents, completely biodegradable and is derived from renewable resources. 
  • No desizing required:
    Woven textiles, sized with PERIPRET CTS liq., do not need to be desized. The chitosan sizing agent can remain on the fabric after weaving. It thereby even improves dye pickup and color fastness of the material.