World Science Day on 10 November 2019

World Science Day for Peace and Development is an international campaign day which is celebrated on 10 November. It was initiated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). On World Science Day the importance of sciences for the society should come more to the fore.

On World Science Day we present how textile-chemical research and development and modern textile agents can improve your comfort.


Textile-Chemical Research for You

On World Science Day on 10 November we highlight the advantages of textile-chemical research for your personal well-being.

Textile Chemistry is Research Area of Natural Sciences

Textile-chemical research is one of the most important civil research areas which brings benefit to all people. Printed dresses, colored shirts, fashionable jeans, washable wool textiles and waterproof umbrellas and jackets would not exist without modern textile chemistry. Our chemists and textile engineers in the development department are steadily developing new, innovative textile agents for textile dyeing, printing and finishing.

Eco-Friendly Felt-Free Finishing

Due to textile-chemical research you can also benefit from eco-friendly, soft, felt-free-finished woolen hats and scarfs, washable socks and cozy pullovers, which do not shrink in the washing machine.

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For further information about the eco-friendly enzymatic felt-free finishing of wool with Dr. Petry’s LANAZYM process, please click here.

And here you can read more about fluorocarbon-free hydrophobic finishing of textiles.

Further Questions about Our Eco-Friendly Textile Auxiliaries?

Do you have questions about our eco-friendly enzymes and textile auxiliaries and agents for modern, ecological textile finishing? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are looking forward to providing you with further information.