Anti-Slip Foam Coating with PERICOAT SF/AS

With our polymer compound PERICOAT SF/AS you can produce white or colored anti-slip foam coatings. The product is used on carpet backs, upholstery fabrics, nonwovens or for the production of cargo securing mats. PERICOAT SF/AS is easy to handle. Apart from the foam stabilizer it already contains all additives needed for coating.

Picture of a barrel on a anti-slip mat on a wooden pallet

PERICOAT SF/AS is a polymer compound for the production of anti-slip foam coatings on carpet backs, upholstery fabrics or nonwovens.


PERICOAT SF/AS: Compound for Anti-Slip Foam Coatings

In order to prevent textiles from sliding on slippery surfaces anti-slip foam coatings are used for technical textiles, industrial nonwovens, home textiles. Some practical examples are anti-slip mats for load securing in trucks or containers, carpets, bathmats, rugs or runners, textile decoration articles, place or table mats, which avoid slipping or skidding on the table, or upholstery and seat cushions.

Use and Application of PERICOAT SF/AS

PERICOAT SF/AS is used for stable foam coatings on carpets, upholstery fabrics or nonwovens. The product is characterized by its high anti-slip performance. The coatings are highly resistant to hydrolysis and to abrasion. They have a dry surface, so even double-sided coatings can be made.

PERICOAT SF/AS is applied as stable foam. The compound is very easy to handle. It contains all components needed for foam coating except the foam stabilizer. We recommend the use of PERICOAT STABILIZER STA, a special foam stabilizer for coating. If you want to create colored coatings, PERICOLOR pigments can be added. Before knife coating the paste needs to be mechanically foamed. After coating the foam is calendered coldly. This helps to increase the abrasion resistance of the anti-slip coating.

Further Information at the Technology Fairs 2019

For further information about our textile coating compounds for technical applications, please visit us at Techtextil from 14 to 17 May 2019, halle 3.0, stand B22 as well as at ITMA Barcelona from 20 to 26 June 2019, hall H3, stand E123. We are looking forward to welcome you personally at our exhibition booths.