Sequestering and dispersing agent

PERIQUEST AP liq. can be used for a wide variety of applications where high soil suspension capacity and detergency are important, for example in washing and scouring of cotton articles, in dyeing cotton with reactive dyes and in soaping of reactive, vat and sulphur dyestuffs. The ability of removing cotton accompanying substances is improved thus saving the number of rinses required.

PERIQUEST AP liq. contains sequestering and complexing substances and has superior calcium and iron binding properties. The product is an excellent dispersing agent, it increases the detergency and the capacity of baths to keep removed soil in dispersion. This is of particular significance for short bath ratio systems. The dispersing and serves to displace and keep in solution fibre accompanying substances, preparations and unfixed dyestuffs. PERIQUEST AP liq. avoids deposits of sodium silicate with cold pad batch bleachings. Despite its complexing components, PERIQUEST AP liq. does not affect dyeing processes using metal-containing dyes. PERIQUEST AP liq. has a capacity of binding calcium at pH 10 of 40 mg calcium per g PERIQUEST AP liq., determined by boiling method. The capacity of binding iron at pH 10 is 300 mg iron (III) per g PERIQUEST AP liq.

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