Multifunctional auxiliary and buffer

PERIGEN WPA is used for the dyeing of polyester or polyamide with disperse dyes, especially at HT processes.

PERIGEN WPA is a multifunctional auxiliary for the dyeing of polyester or polyamide with disperse dyes. It combines sequestering, dispersing, levelling, washing and buffering properties in one product. The product has a good sequestering capacity which eliminates the influence of alkaline earth or heavy metal ions in the dye bath. PERIGEN WPA is a highly effective dispersing and levelling agent for disperse dyes. It improves the fine distribution of dye molecules and supports the migration of dyes at high temperatures so that very levelled dyeings can be achieved. It shows its effect especially when dyeing at high temperature. PERIGEN WPA has no retarding effect to dyes when dyeing at high temperatures. The surfactants contained in PERIGEN WPA have a good washing and emulsifying properties. Washing and dyeing can be carried out in one bath. PERIGEN WPA contains an organic buffer. The pH value adjusted in the range of 4 – 6 will stay constant during the dyeing process of polyester or polyamide with disperse dyes.

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