Antifoaming agent free of silicone

PERIFOAM NSI is used in washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing and in finishing process to prevent foam formation. The product has also proven successful in combating foam formation in waste water. When using a sufficient quantity of PERIFOAM NSI the defoaming effect is good enough to obtain a foam-free waste water also in the preliminary clarifying stage. A special field of application for this product is in carpet dyeing, as in contrast to silicone based antifoam agents, pH electrodes are not rendered inactive.

PERIFOAM NSI is a highly effective silicone free antifoaming agent. Its effectivity is comparable to that of silicone based antifoaming agents. The field of applications extends to acidic, neutral and alkaline media. PERIFOAM NSI develops its action equally in cold and hot liquors, particularly at temperatures above 100 °C. Even extended circulation of liquor does not impair its effect. PERIFOAM NSI, therefore, is particularly suitable for application in jet dyeing machines. When using PERIFOAM NSI in cold pad batch dyeing liquors a floating of the product on the liquor surface caused by the high electrolyte and alkali amounts may result, thus for this application purpose rather a silicone defoamer like PERIFOAM AFL or PERIWET SL is recommendable.

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