Multifunctional softener for jet application

Softening of cotton and its blends with synthetics when a very soft handle and a very good sewability are required. Suitable for exhaustion or padding process. Best suited for the application on jet dyeing machines or for a spray process (WEKO). PERISOFT DYN/R is suitable for dyed fabrics and white goods.

PERISOFT DYN/R is an excellent softener for all kinds of fibres. Especially good effects result on cotton and its blends with synthetics. Fabrics treated with PERISOFT DYN/R show a very soft, voluminous and smooth handle. PERISOFT DYN/R improves the sewability of woven and knitted fabrics due to its additives of polyethylene and silicone. PERISOFT DYN/R is low foaming and shear resistant and therefore suitable to be used in modern short liquor machines. PERISOFT DYN/R is practically not yellowing up to a drying temperature of 140 °C. This also applies for optically brightened white goods.

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