Lubricant for yarns made of polyester and polyamide for the application in bath exhaustion process before or after dyeing

PERIFIL SNA/R is used for lubrication of yarns made of polyester or polyamide and their blends with cellulosic fibres. The product is applied in bath exhaustion process before or after dyeing.

PERIFIL SNA/R is an excellent lubricant for sewing and embroidery threads as well as for knitting and weaving yarns. The product is based on mostly oily substances. The lubricant can be used for the finishing of filament or fibre threads. It is applied prior to or after dyeing in the dyeing apparatus. The product exhausts water clear without leaving any residues in the dyeing apparatus. PERIFIL SNA/R provides threads of polyester and polyamide as well as blends thereof with cellulosic fibres with very good gliding properties and efficiently impairs a stick slip effect. The heat of the needle which is transferred to the thread is absorbed by the layer of the lubricant, thus damaging of yarn and fabric is avoided. The product increases the abrasion resistance of the threads and reduces the abrasion of fibre hairs and surface oligomeres significantly. By the antistatic effect of PERIFIL SNA/R charges which may arise during processing are impaired. Due to its versatile functionality, PERIFIL SNA/R ensures a perfect processing of the yarns under the most difficult conditions. PERIFIL SNA/R has nearly no self-colour, is very resistant to yellowing and does not impair the lustre of embroidery yarns using the recommended application quantity.

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