Anionic aftertreatment agent for the improvement of the fastness to chlorinated water and wet fastness of polyamide

Dyeings and prints of polyamide fibres on all devices and machines and in all types of making-up.

PERFIXAN TAL is an anionic fixing agent for the improvement of the fastness of dyeings and prints with acid and metal complex dyes of polyamide fibres. The product is also suitable for the aftertreatment of carpets. PERFIXAN TAL improves the colour fastness of dyeings and prints to chlorinated water as for example swimwear. Additionally, the washing and contact fastness are improved significantly. In case of polyamide carpets furthermore an improvement of the shampooing fastness is achieved. PERFIXAN TAL shows very good levelling properties and a high exhaustion level, thus achieving a maximum effectiveness and at the same time a very good reproducibility.

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