Lubricant for polyamide and polyester sewing threads

PERIXEN VP 1099 is a lubricant for sewing threads made of polyester or polyamide for the application by lick roll technique.

PERIXEN VP 1099 is a lubricant for sewing threads, which is applied by lick-roll technique. Compared to lubricants on emulsion basis PERIXEN VP 1099 has the advantage of being non-aqueous and therefore no drying is necessary after its application. The product provides synthetic sewing threads with the necessary smoothness and heat resistance. The finished threads show good gliding properties which improve the processing distinctly. The adhesion of the lubricant is very good. No abrasion during the sewing process will occur. Sewing threads which have been finished with PERIXEN VP 1099 do not tend to yellowing during storage. The product does not cause any corrosion on coating machines.

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