Antifoaming and deaerating agent

Bleaching and dyeing of cotton, wool and synthetics and their blends in loose fibres, rope or cheese form, woven fabric and carpets. Deaerator for pad dyeing with vat, reactive or sulphur dyes. Auxiliary for dyeings of synthetic fibres with acid and disperse dyes.

PERIWET TIP is an excellent deaerator which can be used for a wide variety of applications. The high stability of PERIWET TIP against electrolytes and alkali allows its use in all processes where a fast wetting and deaerating is required. The deaeration of voluminous fabrics is that effective that floating of the goods is avoided. The wetting and foam dampening effect of PERIWET TIP particularly benefits for padding processes. When pad dyeing, for example corduroy, PERIWET TIP allows for a perfect deaeration and penetration.

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