Chemical fixation agent for surface stabilisation of wool

PERFIXAN WMA is used for the shape fixation of wool. The fabric is impregnated with PERFIXAN WMA, the required shape is then fixed by a subsequent boiling or a steaming process. The fixation can be effected at piece-goods on the boiling machine (crabbing jack), on the decating or on continuous working crabbing machines. Wool yarns are fixed on crosswound bobbins. In order to avoid an after-fixation still reactive PERFIXAN WMA should be rinsed thoroughly or destroyed after the fixation process, for example by a treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

PERFIXAN WMA is a gentle chemical fixation agent for wool and blends thereof. Permanent effects which are fast to steam and manufacturing can be achieved with PERFIXAN WMA. The product is suitable for fixation on continuous fixing machines at temperatures of 110 – 160 °C. PERFIXAN WMA can be applied in combination with fluorocarbons, for example PERIGUARD CSF, in order to obtain water repellent effects on textiles. PERFIXAN WMA is nearly odourless.

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