Crosslinking resin with a low content of formaldehyde for the finishing of cellulosic fibres, especially lyocell fibres

Easy care finish of woven or knitted goods from cellulosic fibres, viscose and their blends with synthetic fibres. Final finish of Lyocell fibres to achieve a lasting stop of a subsequent fibrillation and thus wash resistant effects with classical as well as peach skin handle effects.

PERFIXAN CLY is a crosslinking agent having a low content of formaldehyde, suitable for the finishing of textiles of cellulosic fibres. In addition to good easy care effects the finishing with PERFIXAN CLY complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for free formaldehyde (product class II) without post-washing. The finishing effects are well wash-permanent and permanent to dry cleaning. The fabric handle is influenced to a small extent only.

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