Crosslinking resin with low content of formaldehyde for the easy care finishing of cellulose fibres, especially for wet and moist crosslinking

Easy care finish of woven or knitted goods of cotton, viscose and their blends with synthetic fibres. Further to the classical dry crosslinking PERFIXAN CLW is also suitable for the moist and wet crosslinking. At the classical dry crosslinking PERISTAL KSV is particularly well suitable as catalyst. The recommended quantity to be used ranges between approx. 50 – 60 % PERISTAL KSV related to the crosslinking amount, but at least minimum 20 g/l. For the moist and wet crosslinking 48 % sulphuric acid is recommended, instead of PERISTAL KSV. PERISOFT GS and PERISOFT SIH are softeners which were developed especially for the moist and wet crosslinking. They are resistant in strong acid conditions as well as during the alkaline rinsing. PERISOFT GS is a classical silicone softener, whereas PERISOFT SIH is a multifunctional, hydrophilic silicone softener. Further details can be taken from the corresponding technical leaflets.

PERFIXAN CLW is a crosslinking agent having a low content of formaldehyde, suitable for the finishing of fabrics made of cellulose fibres especially for wet and moist crosslinking. In addition to good easy care effects the finishing with PERFIXAN CLW complies with the Öko-Tex-Standard for free formaldehyde. The finishing effects are well permanent to washing and drycleaning. The fabric handle is only slightly impaired.

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