Raising finish and softener for synthetic and cellulosic fibres

With PERIFIL KAP not only an excellent softening effect but also a smoothing of the fibre can be obtained. PERIFIL KAP is particularly suitable for cellulosic fibres, synthetics and blends thereof. The product is used as final finishing when – in addition to a soft handle – good raising properties should be achieved. PERIFIL KAP can be applied by padding, spraying or in exhaustion processes.

PERIFIL KAP provides the fabric with smooth and soft handle effects as well as good antistatic properties. The product contains waxes which significantly reduce the friction resistance of the finished fabrics. Thus the raising process is considerably improved. In addition, good raising effects and a close raising layer are obtained with less raising cycles under mild treatment conditions. PERIFIL KAP does neither influence the light and crock fastness nor the wet fastnesses. It shows only a very low tendency to yellowing. In case of common drying temperatures no yellowing occurs.

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