Dispersing agent for the dyeing of acrylic fibres and their blends with wool, polyamide, silk and cellulosic fibres

PERIGEN W 190 NEW is used for the dyeing of -acrylic with basic dyes -acrylic and its blends with wool, polyamide and cellulosic fibres -wool with reactive or 1:1 metal complex dyes -silk with reactive dyes -cationic dyeable polyester -blends made of polyamide and lycra Furthermore, PERIGEN W 190 NEW is applied for degumming of silk.

PERIGEN W 190 NEW is a highly effective dispersing agent for basic dyes. A deposit of dyestuffs on the dyeing machine is avoided. When dyeing acrylic/wool blends the soiling of the wool with basic dyes is reduced. The product prevents precipitations of cationic and anionic dyestuffs when applied in one bath. It accelerates the process of degumming of silk when the soap is partly replaced by PERIGEN W 190 NEW.

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